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(Images of Award Winning Miniatures are not available for 2017 unless submitted by artist.)

Artists: Please submit a 72 dpi actual size image to the webmaster

Best of Show: Kim Bell, Dancers at Rest, Oil

People's Choice :

1st Pastel: Ann Lewis, Model and Brushes

2nd Pastel: Devi Lawrence, Canyon Refuge

3rd Pastel: Jeanine Allen, Lost in Galisteo

1st Watercolor: Bud Edmondson, Abandoned

2nd Watercolor: Marta Gifford, Red Rider

3rd Watercolor: Carol Carpenter, Plaza Congestion

1st Oil: Cheryl Godin, El Camino

2nd Oil: Depy Adams, Fond Memory

3rd Oil: John Meister, Wayne's Ride

1st Acrylic: Kim Bell, Taos Winter

2nd Acrylic: Rex Barron, Hot Times in the Old Town

3rd Acrylic: Susan Brooke, Recyclers

1st Mixed Media: Susan Brooke, Moonlight

2nd Mixed Media: Carol Lopez, Home in the Hills

3rd Mixed Media: Joy Eaton Homage to Cezanne

1st 3 D: Daniel Kronberg, Dog Park, wax & wood

2nd 3 D: Mary (Jean) Jonesr, Under Her Wing, gourd

3rd 3 D: Dana Bahe, Eternal Low Tide

1st Colored Pencil: Melinda Beavers, Lynn

2nd Colored Pencil: Filomeno Martinez, Autumn in Carnuel

3rd Colored Pencil: Barbara Nahler, Cosmic Rhythm

1st Inks, Prints, Drawing: Paul Murray, Daily Fiber, pen/ink

2nd Inks, Prints, Drawing: Laura Loturco-Gorian, Call to Prayer

3rd Inks, Prints, Drawing: Ana Sharma, De Nativitatis, Ink

Honorable Mentions (8):

Paul Murray, Sandia Storm, Oil

Paul Murray, Chair, Acrylic

Jeff Warren, Excalibread, Oil

Tricia H. Love, Preening Time, Acrylic

Katherine Irish, Watching a Sky, Pastel

Ruth Andrews-Vreeland, Nairobi Joy #3, Watercolor

Tina Stallard Strong Hold, Watercolor

Toni Seidel, Julie's Polar Bear, Watercolor

Bardean Award: Melissa McIntyre, Grouping, Acrylics

Cathie P. Scott, Award for Detail: JMelissa K. McIntyre, Grandad's Old Planter, Acrylic

Mom Award for Detail: Carol Carpenter, Istanbul Encounter, Watercolor

Jan Keefer Award of Excellence: Barbara McGuire, Marine Voyager, Watercolor

Carol Bryant, Creativity: Jeff Warren, Loose E in the Sky with Diamonds, Oil

Pencil Painters of NM, Colored Pencil: Filomeno Martinez, San Miguel Mission

GalleryABQ Salon Show Award: Ronald Jacob, Watercolor Grouping

Jack Richeson & Co, Inc. (2):

Patricia Leister, Southern NM Evening, Watercolor

Pam Hostetler, Farm House, Watercolor

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